How I learned the truth about Black Lives Matter

A few years ago after the Trayvon Martin incidence I am pretty sure I blocked a whole bunch of white people who were criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement on Facebook.

I didn’t understand how anyone could take offense with such self-evident statement like “black lives matter”. 

The only logical explanation for me was that they must be racists.

And how did it happen that I had a bunch of racists as my FB friends? WTF?! 

I blocked them swiftly. 


Good riddance. 

But then, last year I came across the following skit by one of my favorite Youtube comedians, Longbeachgriffy:

Longbeachgriffy is black.

And yet in this skit he was using Black Lives Matter as an example of a mistake created by God.

Yes, I understood that the video was meant as a joke, but he could have used any other example, why did he pick on Black Lives Matter?

It left me baffled.

Why would a black person take offense with the BLM movement? Even if it’s just for a punchline in a comedic skit?

So I started googling, clicking, and watching.

This is how I found Candace Owens.

Then Larry Elder.

And finally Thomas Sowell.

And then the deal was clinched. Because once you watch a Thomas Sowell video you can’t go back. It’s done. It’s like someone switching a light on. Your IQ instantly jumps by at least 10 points.

And I understood that if you value black lives, you can’t possibly support the movement which calls itself Black Lives Matter.

BLM destroys black lives.

It is a hypocritical movement fomenting racial division, hate, fear and misinformation among the people they claim to care for, for the purpose of gaining political power.

And now Americans are reaping what BLM has been sowing for the past few years in cahoots with Antifa: a wave of death and destruction. 

dear chemtrail believers

before you decide to believe that every lingering contrail you see in the sky is due to chemicals being dispersed to make us sick or to block the sun or cool the planet or any combination of that, please read this article first

can you dismiss its main tenets with 100% certainty? no? well, if you can’t dismiss something then at least you have to maintain it as a possibility, right? which means you can’t any longer claim the opposite argument as certainty, right?

that article says that the lingering trails which we see are most probably due to the cooling atmosphere. which makes sense: contrails (water vapor) would linger longer in the sky and be visible as clouds if the air around them was cooler. and in fact, if you have been following news stories like these:

it becomes clear that the “cooling climate” idea is not that far fetched.

oh, but all the chemicals that have been detected and measured in the air after a heavy “spraying” day? isn’t that proof that there were chemicals in the “chemtrails”?

first of all: you can only measure CHANGE if you compare it to a CONTROL. so just because you have measured something doesn’t mean you have established a causative relationship to whatever phenomenon was happening at the same time or before the measurement.

meaning: to establish that the “chemtrails” are responsible for chemicals being found on the ground the day after, one would have to compare the amounts of chemicals found on the ground after a day without “spraying”. i yet have to see when that was done.

also: unless you are one of the few lucky people who live on the outskirts of civilization like around the north or south pole, or some other remote and fairly untouched area of the globe, chances are very good that the daily air you breath is full of chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and exhaust gases from cars, industry, traffic, crematoriums, coal burning plants, military training grounds, government or private laboratoriums or science institutes, or normal air traffic exhaust. can you exclude with 100% certainty that what was tested did not come from any of those sources? no? then it should be pretty difficult to maintain that it was from the trails you saw the other day at an altitude of most probably around 30,000 feet (ca. 10,000m).

which brings us to the next problem in the “chemtrail conspiracy”:

for tiny particulate matter like chemicals and heavy metals to precipitate from that height to the ground would take – years. you have to consider all the different air currents which are between the ground and the upper levels of atmosphere. assuming that a tiny volatile molecule which was dropped above you at a height of 35,000 feet would fall down at exactly the spot underneath, just hours or a day later, does not hold up to science. sorry.

oh, but what about the pictures? which show barrels of … ‘something’ … inside a plane. like these for example:

i’m glad you brought it up. because this is pretty much the thing that makes the complete lack of logic apparent in the “chemtrail conspiracy”.

if i understand it correctly the “chemtrail” theory suggest that basically every plane which leaves a lasting contrail in the sky is spraying some nefarious chemicals on us and the planet. obviously, the vast majority of planes cruising our skies are commercial jets carrying people from one place to the other. so unless the last time to took a commercial plane you were seated next to a 200 gallon tank, chances are good that regular commercials planes ARE NOT equipped with chemical holding containers inside the cabin.

there is spraying going on, of course. it’s either pesticides spraying or cloud seeding. which has been done for decades. it’s usually employed in times of extreme drought or for research purposes:

but for rain producing cloud seeding to be successful you already need some clouds to start with.

but if you see pictures like these it’s actually tanks filled with water to adjust the center of gravity during a test flight.

or maybe not. maybe they’re lying to us and it’s really tanks filled with mind altering chemicals. but ask yourself: how many of those would have to be deployed and criss-crossing our skies to create those often seen patterns of lingering trails? do you really believe that all of the planes you see on an airport when you fly out to visit your uncle or go on vacation are equipped with those tanks? or maybe half of them? or a less? or more? if so, how come you never set next to such tanks on a plane? how likely is it that various airlines from all kinds of nations all dedicate space on their planes to carry chemicals instead of freight or people? in a highly competitive industry with tiny profit margins? could they really afford that? how likely is it?

in general, i’m a sucker for good conspiracy FACT.

in the end, our entire social and economic reality is based on conspiracies. have you ever worked for a company which held manager meetings? yes? did those meetings take place behind closed doors or were they broadcast for every employer to tune in to and listen in? were you consulted when your government decided to install potentially health destroying x-ray machines at airports and start sexually harassing your grandma or your 8 year old in the name of “security”? or when it decided to give billions of dollars to a genocidal regime in the middle east but turn off drinking water to its residents? were you present when they allowed corporations to steal drinking water or to poison it by pumping chemicals into the ground? did they ask for you before they made it a law that your child has to be injected with mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde before it enters school? did they ask you before that happened? of course not. so who, where and when made those decisions? it’s never clear. what is clear that the general population is never consulted before life changing measures are being implemented. that is the definition of life in a conspiratorial system.

what i’m an even bigger sucker for, is truth.

even if it means abandoning a deliciously sounding conspiracy.

although, as laura knight-jadczyk points out, what might be behind the lingering contrails is an even more vile conspiracy than “chemtrails”:

“yes, there is something really wicked going on, but it ain’t what you think. In fact, it’s worse. YES, something is VERY wrong in our skies – but it is not chemtrails. The CONTRAILS themselves have changed and THAT is a huge warning about our atmosphere and our climate and the implications are a lot scarier than if some nutjobs in the Pentagon were just trying to poison us. Heck, we could survive that. Most of life on earth will NOT survive what these contrails portend!”

well, we’ll see what happens … but until then: let’s all stay warm!